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NuPNET is an ERA-NET in the field of Nuclear Physics

NuPNET thus stands for Nuclear Physics Network.
With a budget of €1.3 million granted by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for a period of three years (2008-2011), NuPNET took up its activities on 1 March 2008 with a quite ambitious aim:

Provide Europe with a more coherent funding
of Nuclear Physics infrastructures and equipments.

16 Sept. 2011 NuPNET opens a specific section for "Views of Nuclear Physics" on the website:

   Consult the NuPNET photo database here

22 July 2011 NuPNET Governing Council - 4th Meeting on 2-3 Oct. 2011:

   Consult meeting details here

21 July 2011 Nuclear Physics News - International - Article on NuPNET's 1st Common Call just published:

   Read article online

17 June 2011 First results of the 1st NuPNET Call for transnational joint activities:
  • 16 proposals were submitted,
  • requesting a total funding of about € 8.76 million.
  • The eligibility criteria have been checked: all 16 proposals are considered eligible and therefore all will be evaluated.

       Results of the evaluation procedure will be known in July 2011.

    14 Feb. 2011 NuPNET launches the first NuPNET Call for transnational joint activities:
  • NuPNET Call Launch: 14 February 2011
  • NuPNET Call Closure: 22 April 2011 at 5pm
  • NuPNET is delighted to announce its first call and invites the nuclear physics community to contact their local contact point at NuPNET...

       Full details are published in the dedicated NuPNET Call section. The template of the financial plan has been updated, see here

    January 2011
    The official publication of the “NuPNET Report 2010” is now available. With this report, a major milestone in Nuclear Physics history...

       More about the NuPNET Report 2010 here

    15 Oct. 2010 On 15 October 2010, all 18 NuPNET funding institutions voted to launch a first call for proposals...

       More about the NuPNET Call here
       Read here the press release and check the news at AFP here

    NuPNET OD3

    Since the kick-off of the NuPNET project was given in Paris on March 27, 2008, members have met several times: at the NuPNET Open Days, when representatives from all founding institutions presented and discussed the national funding systems in Nuclear Physics; for the NuPNET Governing Council meetings, where representatives from funding agencies and ministries assemble to review the work done and decide upon the next steps and milestones to reach. The photo above shows the representatives of the NuPNET consortium at the third session of the NuPNET Open Days in Milan.

    Indeed fourteen European countries are the founding members of NuPNET: Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom.

    They are represented by eighteen institutions from ministries and research: